The Lection Project

Friends, welcome to the LECTION Project

As the November 8 elections approach, an array of critical topics will consume the media, the courts, the Congress, the candidates, and many of our conversations. These same topics - such as immigration, the economy, and the environment, healthcare, and voter participation - will also be reflected in the sermons and prayers of American churches. Social and political issues are profoundly moral and spiritual ones as well. The Bible is relevant to them, sometimes referring to them directly. The texts that are appointed or selected for worship, and the interpretation that they are given, profoundly inform believer’s perspectives on a host of political and social issues. 

The LECTION Project presents the interpretations of Christian religious leaders and scholars on biblical and political topics that will dominate the races for national, state, and local offices. The goal of the Project is simply to inform and inspire the thinking, believing, and acting of people of faith during a particularly formative time of national debate, direction setting and dialogue about our deepest values.